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Glasmo SM VO

Glass fibre strength member engineered yarn used in telecommunication cables

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Coats Glasmo SM VO is an oval shaped glass fibre strength member engineered yarn for use in telecommunication cables. Coats Glasmo SM VO provides linear strength and stability and can be used to promote adhesion between the glass fibre components and cable sheath without the need of an IR pre-heating process.

The improved strength of the glass fibre means that cables can be redesigned to be smaller in size, saving cost.

Principais utilizações

  • Strength member for drop wire cables including copper, fibre optic, shielded and coaxial cables

Recursos e benefícios

  • Glasmo SM VO can be a fit for purpose coated strength member which eliminates the need of a preheating process to secure adhesion to the sheath and glass fibre components. This allows for a more streamlined production process which will save cost.
  • Our coating processes increase the strength of the glass fibre and means that cables can be redesigned to be smaller in size saving PVC material sheath cost, whilst still meeting strength specifications.
  • Produced to customer specifications and comes with the back-up and support of Coats global network.
Glasmo SM VO
Property Test Method T650 T800 T1300 T1650 T2200
Base Fibreglass (Tex) N/A 600 735 1200 1500 2000
E-modulus (GPa) ASTM D885 70 70 65 65 60
LASE (N) 0.3% ASTM D885 65 80 140 170 270
LASE (N) 0.5% ASTM D885 100 130 195 220 400
LASE (N) 1.0% ASTM D885 170 225 350 400 610
Linear Density (g/m) ASTM D885 0.66 0.81 1.32 1.65 2.20

Propriedades físicas e químicas de Glasmo SM VO

Propriedades térmicas
Extremely high service temperature
Fibreglass does not burn
Protos Ultrabloc - Linha com multifilamentos de  para-aramida para cabos de fibra ótica
Propriedades químicas
  • Abrasion resistant SM coating protects fibreglass
  • Coating for adhesion to PVC


A variety of packaging options are available. Standard packaging is listed below. Alternative packaging available.

Standard Spool Specifications Unit Option A Options B Option C

*Alternative packaging available upon request.

Inner Diameter mm 76 94 94
Outer Diameter (Maximum) mm 300 350 350
Length mm 275 216 290
Spools per Pallet Spools 36 48 36
KM/spool T650 T800 T1300 T1650 T2200

*Standard KM per spool are available for all tube options. Alternative lengths are available upon request.

Full Length 33.0 26.5 16.5 13.2 9.9