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Opti P Lucence

'Glow-In-the Dark' zips are ideal for attractive fashion accessories on all types of clothing

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Opti P Lucence is designed to deliver a special 'Glow-In-the Dark' effect with all the zip’s components exhibiting this characteristic i.e. teeth, slider, puller and the textile tape are luminescent. White in normal light the glow effect of the zip has a green appearance.

Opti P Lucence zips are 'charged' in sunlight (UV) or in artificial light (to a lesser degree), after which when viewed in darkness they emit a luminous glow. Brightness and luminosity may vary depending on the size of the zip and the environment where the zip is used and luminosity weakens after some time.

The Opti P Lucence range of zips can be used as a safety feature as well as a fashion accessory for all articles of clothing.

The Opti P Lucence zips are available in five 'Glow-in-the-Dark' shades; pink, green, blue, orange and yellow.

Please download our Opti P Lucence Product Bulletin to find out more.

Области Применения

  • Sportswear
  • Детская одежда
  • Рабочая одежда
  • Рюкзаки
  • Палатки
  • Спортивные аксессуары и изделия, используемые на улице
Opti P Lucence

Доступные типы

Неразъёмная застёжка-молния (CЕ) Молния рулонная Разъёмная застёжка-молния (ОЕ) Неразъёмная двухзамковая (О) Неразъёмная двухзамковая (Х) Разъёмная двухзамковая (TWOE)
P40 Lucence On On On Off On On
P60 Lucence On On On On On On

Available Colours